MAIP x Goodby Silverstein & Partners


As part of MAIP's Virtual Engagement Program, our team was given a brief by Goodby Silverstein & Partners. This is how we decided to tackle the challenge.


Art Direction: Mariah Colón, Sohee Cho
UX/UI: Sohee Cho
Strategy: Victoria Diaz-Torres, Bianca Hernandez


Expand and identify communities that experience racism and need support combating it.

Set of multicultural kids character


Parents often shield their children from reality, especially in regards to race.

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We want to get parents of kids ages 6-11 to have authentic conversations on race with their children by introducing games that will help start the conversation. We created an app that will help facilitate authentic conversations around race between parent and child.



Over 60% of parents rarely, or never, discuss race and ethnicity or social class with their children in the United States. 28% of parents say they only “sometimes” talk to their kids about race and just 10% of parents make it a regular dialogue.

In general, children are very aware of race from a young age; however, their behavior and perception of race changes significantly over time. Children are like sponges and soak up information. According to our research they watch about 6.5 hours of screen time per day.

Let's Talk: An interactive mobile experience


Card Game: Candid Convos

Let’s Talk will partner with card game company We’re Not Really Strangers to launch a children’s version of their cards: “Candid Convos on Race.”

Unlike the traditional game that dives into different levels of personal questions for players to discuss, “Candid Convos on Race” will tackle social justice issues at different levels of intensity based on the parent’s comfort level as well as the child’s age and understanding of race. 

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