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The best way for students and mentors to connect.



Connect new students and mentors to strengthen the community on campus.

The Why?

Although there are resources available for students in every major such as career advisement, faculty office hours, and extracurricular activities such as student government and clubs, students have expressed a lack of community on campus.


According to, 100% of students who attend City Tech are commuters. Most students come to class and leave right after, not spending a lot of time in between to connect with others.

What are the users needs?

There are incoming freshman & transfer students who need:

• Help finding classrooms
• Have special needs (visually/hearing impaired, learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD
• Help using school technology (i.e. wifi, computer labs, printing) • Guidance in developing short/long term goals, personal and career-wise
• Help building relationships with peers • Help finding community on campus


Persona #1


Meet Alice

• Freshman student at City Tech
• No major declared, but interested in Communication Design
• Lives in Brooklyn, NY
• Commutes 45 minutes by public transportation to school
• Likes to work out, hike, and illustrate
• Identifies as LGBT and wants to make friends who can relate

Meet Sarah

• Senior student at City Tech
• Communication Design Major
• Currently interning at advertising agency
• Wants to connect with incoming students
• Wants to grow community of Communication Design students
• Interests include: illustration, volunteer work, outdoor activities

Persona #2


User Flow


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